Computer Coders

During September and October, all of the pupils in Year 5 and 6 have been busy designing, coding and evaluating their own scratch games.  It has been hard work, but really fun!  To be successful in our projects, we had to:

  1. Design and use WWI sprites and backgrounds that are aimed at other children in the school.
  2. Create a maze that the sprite couldn’t get through (if they touch the maze they go back to the start.)
  3. Program our sprites using a range of algorithms to talk, move and respond to other sprites in the game.
  4. Some of us even created our own variables for scores and timers
  5. AND we had to debug any issues within our games!

We have had a great time playing and evaluating each others games and you can play them on 21st October at the Albany Military Hospital exhibition!

For a preview of Gwen and Hayley’s game – click on this link!