Only Remembered Review

WWI Remembrance

By Afif

Since the completion of Year 6’s Albany Military Hospital Exhibition, they’ve been developing their own musical concert entitled, ‘Only Remembered’. It was created by Year 6 to commemorate all of the people who fought for our country in WW1 and to think about the lives of individual people in Wales.  Many of the characters in the play were based on real people who worked or were treated in Albany Military Hospital.  The highly anticipated musical was performed between the 7th – 9th December. ‘Only Remembered’ was a concert filled with comedy, bravery and romance!

Albany Actors

Year 6 pupils played different characters that were alive during WW1. A few of the soldiers: John, Tommy and Gordon were real people who were linked to Albany Military Hospital during the war.  The actors did a good jobbring patients, nurses, soldiers to life, building on what they had learnt during the Albany Military Hospital project. Year 6 demonstrated their loud voices and acted their roles with enthusiasm and confidence.

A highlight of the show was the performance of the character Mother Evans, the mother of Dafydd and Ivor who went to war. Mother Evans was actually a boy but he was very talented. He was loud enough for everyone to hear and you could hear his pain as he sent the boys to war!

Also, the stars of the play, Albert and Daisy (played by Freddy and Kaitlyn), two lovebirds split by WW1, Albert has to go to war and Daisy becomes an Albany nurse, when they used to be Albany teachers. After intense situations, the problem all gets solved by Nurse Annabel, a nurse working in Albany Military Hospital, which we think could be the original origin of the legend of the Albany Fairy!

Songs of Remembrance

Year 6 also displayed their musical talents as they sang beautiful songs which suit the WWI style such as, ‘Any Old Iron’ and ‘Don’t Dilly Dally’. There were also solos throughout the production including: the last post was performed on the trumpet by the magnificent Freddy and Jonathan performed the Australian song Waltzing Matilda within the role of Gordon Jones Edward – an Australian solider who was actually here 100 years ago! Songs are an emotional thing a great way to develop the story; especially that is when Year 6 at Albany are singing.

Old Albany

One of the real successes of the play was the scenery, developed by Miss Richards and Miss Sawyer.   It looked realistic and inspired the children to perform like professional actors. The simple changes between the trenches the ward and the school, brought Albany to life 100 years ago.  Ben said, “It was realistic and amazing – just like it was in WW1!” The back stage crew also did a really good job as all the props were used in the right scene, the right time and used the right way!

Ratings to Remember

Every play needs a mark out of ten and I’ll give the concert a 10 out of an amazing 10. This play was absolutely terrific with lots of laughter and romance, while showing amazing facts of WWI and the history of Albany School itself.  The concert was videoed twice and was made into DVDs which would be recommended for everyone to buy, to enjoy Only Remembered forever!