Main Task

You are travelling back in time to when Albany Primary School was a military hospital in WW1.  You have been asked to recreate this time and take people on tours explaining how things have changed.  

The school will open as a living museum on Saturday 17th October – you will be the experts!

To be successful in this task, you must:

  • Take tours with members of the public, explain what each of the rooms were used for using an iPad and Keynote presentation.
  • Create and update a website to share your work and advertise the exhibition.
  • Regularly update the Blog.
  • Design and create a WW1 computer game using Scratch that can be used at the exhibition.
  • Read Warhorse as a class, write letters, complete comprehension, recreate scenes.
  • Write a newspaper report about the Christmas Truce.
  • Research significant battles of WW1, create a 1 minute film of your favorite facts.
  • Follow a QR code history trail to find out about Albany 100 years ago.
  • Create your own QR codes for exhibition displays.
  • Make a timeline of key events during WW1 and create a comparative timeline using Albany log book.
  • Visit local museum (Cardiff Castle, Glamorgan Archives) and look at artefacts and paper trail.
  • Invite special people in ( WW1 experts) to interview on life in WW1 and Albany Military Hospital.
  • Read a range of wartime poems and create your own with emphasise on feelings.
  • Learn WW1 songs, discuss difference in vocabulary.
  • Investigate old time money and compare prices.
  • Cook wartime biscuits and cakes for the exhibition.
  • Investigate how soldiers could keep their tea warm and insulated.
  • Investigate the type of illnesses and injuries soldiers suffered in WW1 and how they were treated.
  • Create a role play drama of a ward in Albany Military Hospital in 1915.
  • Using maps look at which countries were involved and whether they still exist and weather they are different now in terms of population and temperature.
  • Look at Wartime art and recreate.