Trench Art

Over the last two weeks we have been making 3D trench designs- To look like the trench’s that people lived in as a soldier in WW1. We have taken a photo of a model trench. Nobody’s is completely finished, but will be by the 21st October for our exhibition- We hope!




WW1 Scratch Game

Over the last few weeks year 6 have coded their own scratch games.  The game below is a WW1 themed game with collectable first aid kits and a tank at the end. You must make your way through the maze and collect as many kits as possible while still reaching the tank. If you touch the walls you have to go back to the start! We have debugged our games and published them to our scratch accounts ready to play during our exhibition!

This is a scratch game made by Mazin and Mohamoud.



In school we have been learning about WWI. We’ve learnt about these battles:

  • Tannenburg
  • Somme
  • Verdun
  • First and second battles of Marne
  • Jutland
  • Ypres

Our favourite fact is that the battle of Tannenburg didn’t take place in Tannenburg. It actually took place near Allenstein (Olsztyn).

Also, we learnt about the battle of Jutland and how it lasted 24 hours.