Cynthia visited us today!

IMG_1121John Ford’s daughter Cynthia visited Year 5 and 6 this morning to tell us about her dads experience at Albany Military Hospital.  We were very glad that he survived WW1 and lived until he was 89. Thank you Cynthia for showing us your wonderful pictures!



Some people went to the shops on Albany Road to give Albany Military Hospital leaflets out. These leaflets advertise the exhibition we are putting on. It will demonstrate life in WW1. Come and see our acting skills!



World War I Exhibition

Thank you to everyone who came to our exhibition.  On Saturday 17th October, we had over 400 visitors and it was great to find out other people’s Albany stories.  Some visitors had come to our school as children and others had family members who had been brought to the hospital during WWI.

Thank you for making the day a success!

A visit from Liz McBride

Liz McBride and our Albany History Detectives!

Today we were visited by Liz McBride, she told us about her grandfather’s experience as an Australian soldier in WWI.  Gordon James Edwards, was sent to Albany Military Hospital 100 years ago (almost to the day on 4/10/1915) when he was shot under the arm in the Battle of Gallipoli.  A more detailed profile will be on display in our exhibition.

Please come and see us on 17th October 2015 between 10am and 3pm!

QR Codes

Today we took part in a QR Code hunt where we scanned 7 different codes to find facts about different battles. We used a QR Scanner app on our iPads and wrote 3 facts about each battle.

Here are some of the facts that we found:

The longest battle in World War 1 was the battle of the Verdun

In the battle of the Somme more than 1,000,000 men were injured or killed