War Horse

Year 6 have been reading the story WarHorse for our WW1 topic. We really loved reading it- as it was from the horse’s perspective. The best part is when: Joey meets Captain J Nicholls and is sent off to war, despite missing Albert and Zoey. We are really excited to watch the DVD of WarHorse

We have taken a photo of the book:



Learning About The Soldiers Of Albany Military Hospital.

Yesterday we started learning about real World War 1 soldiers that came to Albany Military Hospital. We started with- Gordon Edwards, John Ford and Jack Sheehan. We took a picture of all the information we have so far,

we are excited to meet Cynthia the daughter of  Albany Hospital patient John Ford, when she comes to show us her photos on Monday.



Scratch Games Debugged

Albany Primary schools scratch games come to their glory, some published, some private, but, all of them are….


Albany year six is proud to announce their games have been fully debugged and checked through! After weeks of hard work we’re proud how good they’ve become!

Here is Kanaan’s Scratch Game!

It has been debugged pretty well and the best part is…

Its fun and the score works!



Look at all that coding!


We wrote about the Christmas truce of 1914 for both sides, we had pictures quotes & the five W’s and student Marlene wrote the report in German. We found out the most amazing part of the Christmas truce were: The fact that both sides stopped fighting after five months of blood baths!


This work was by Student Kanaan! The writer of this piece!

WW1 Poetry

In Year 6 we have been learning how to write haiku and acrostic poems using our knowledge and understanding of WWI.  We have also learnt about a Welsh Poet called Hedd Wyn, he was awarded the bard’s chair at the 1917 National Eisteddfod.  Unfortunately he died before he found out and his bardic chair was covered in black.  Our poems will be on display during the exhibition!


We designed logos for the Albany Military Hospital to put on our website. We made sure that we used lots of different war themes like poppies, the red cross and military colours.

The winning design will be at the top of the website soon!