Our First Visitors!

Today we were visited by teachers from other schools and a representative from the Institute for the Blind – they came to see our Military Hospital Project and it was fun to show them around, explain our ICT work and act in the ward! Thank you for coming and seeing us!

Medical Training

In class we learnt how to heal broken arms and dangerous cuts.  We learnt that if you get trench foot you must treat it with maggots because they eat dead skin – disgusting!  The common injuries in WWI could be sustained from: bullet wounds, loud noises, horrible trench conditions, as well as diseases!

We think we are ready to treat patients on the weekend!

WW1 Poppy Art

As part of our work in to WW1 we created poppy art, where we rubbed chalk to make the paintings look old and dusty. We only used a few colours like red, black and grey as they represent war colours, and we used oil pastels in order to make the few colours stand out. We used images such as poppies, soldiers and graves to show the sadness of war. Some of us also added a layer of transparent paper on top of the image to give it a red tint.