Our First Visitors!

Today we were visited by teachers from other schools and a representative from the Institute for the Blind – they came to see our Military Hospital Project and it was fun to show them around, explain our ICT work and act in the ward! Thank you for coming and seeing us!

Medical Training

In class we learnt how to heal broken arms and dangerous cuts.  We learnt that if you get trench foot you must treat it with maggots because they eat dead skin – disgusting!  The common injuries in WWI could be sustained from: bullet wounds, loud noises, horrible trench conditions, as well as diseases!

We think we are ready to treat patients on the weekend!


Yesterday we were looking how to do a podcast.Podcast means when someone is talking on the radio about a certain event .We picked a battle from WW1 and pretended we did it in the following days.We did a few events like the truce of Christmas and the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. You can come and see our podcast and other people’s podcasts this Saturday.


Cynthia visited us today!

IMG_1121John Ford’s daughter Cynthia visited Year 5 and 6 this morning to tell us about her dads experience at Albany Military Hospital.  We were very glad that he survived WW1 and lived until he was 89. Thank you Cynthia for showing us your wonderful pictures!

Trench Art

Over the last two weeks we have been making 3D trench designs- To look like the trench’s that people lived in as a soldier in WW1. We have taken a photo of a model trench. Nobody’s is completely finished, but will be by the 21st October for our exhibition- We hope!



War Horse

Year 6 have been reading the story WarHorse for our WW1 topic. We really loved reading it- as it was from the horse’s perspective. The best part is when: Joey meets Captain J Nicholls and is sent off to war, despite missing Albert and Zoey. We are really excited to watch the DVD of WarHorse

We have taken a photo of the book:



WW1 First Aid!

We watched a video which showed us about military first aid.They taught us about the Thomas splint used on broken legs to stretch the broken bones apart so they don’t overlap.In the trenches there were many disgusting diseases.The worst was trench foot where it rots your foot and is treated by maggots that eat the rotten/dead skin.