In October 2014 the children in year 6 opened the school to the public to display an exhibition showing what they had learnt about Albany Primary School from 100 years ago. The children had discovered that the school had become a branch of the 3rd Western General Hospital and the pupils had been re-located to other local schools between 1914-18. They used the internet, local history books, school log books and visited Glamorgan archives to find out as much as they could and presented it in an exciting and interactive exhibition. This was a very exciting learning opportunity for the year 6 pupils. On the day we also had visits from members of the community who had relatives what had been treated at the hospital and a postcard written by a soldier from his hospital bed. The sense of pride and high quality learning from this project about the rich history of their own school has been rewarded with a Welsh Schools Heritage Award. See the video below to see highlights of the 2014 exhibition.

The project also received media coverage. Click the links below to see Albany Military Hospital in the news.

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